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OpenLabLog [2012-01-31]

Our weekly OpenLab sessions are always an opportunity to try out new ideas, learn about new topics and meet friends doing exactly that.

This time with the new (amazing) MakerBot Thing-O-Matic in action, printing parts for the upcoming Open Theremin workshop and test objects made just for exploration in Blender. - Thanks to Thomas for the great demo!

Other stuff going on at the moment:
#) Our third attempt to get the Monotribe bass drum running was finally successful! - Modifications and further testing will be done soon.
#) SGMKduino (tm) is going to be our new workhorse. Currently in the etch bath. :)
#) After many steps of refinement, the SIDuino is coming along really well... LM386 on board again.
#) New scretbll code device is going through steps of further development. Arduino controlling a relais over remote control*.
#) Circuit-bent mouse loop device has now a cross fader and other features built in.

Some pics from the lab:


Tags: MechArtLab, OpenLab

Kommentare (1)

  1. dusjagr:
    Feb 08, 2012 at 03:40 PM

    sieht ja nach ner geilen session aus.... freu mich bald wieder zuhause zu sein. bis nächsten dienstag!