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Hackteria & SGMK BiyCyberKidzz Workshop at Ars Electronica

Hackteria and SGMK did a workshop for Kids at this years Ars Electronica.


“The Hackteria BioLab introduces the world of microorganisms to children or adults any age. At the end of the workshop they will be able to take home little amulet Petri dishes with their own “living” fingerprints, a yeast powered balloon or simple bio-accoustic ear amplifiers and many more. With this workshop we hope to emphasize that observing life is not just fun, but also takes time and patience.”  - Read all about it here.

The second part of the workshop was more on electronics. The kids could build a "Seifenschaumlicht", which essentially is a soap box with two color changing LEDs - very nice color blending is done in the LED by a little chip. Also we built the simple version of the famous circuit called NanoSmano Sajica (aka "Vive la Resistance"). Info about this one is on our wiki and in the diy makeaway section.


Tags: Ars Electronica, Linz, Bio, Hackteria

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